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You dream about this stuff. It’s crazy, man, where we’re at now, where I’m at now. From where I came from. It’s super humbling, super awesome.

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People constantly having arguments and shit over whether or not Dean Ambrose and Renee Young are actually dating. It’s not that serious, guys. Get a life, please…

The former members of The Shield + Logos 

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"Right now, I’m biding my time. I promised Dean that he would have first crack at Seth. He told me he’d leave a little for me. The main part for me is Randy Orton has just been a pain in my ass. Even from when, that night we [The Shield] broke up, that piece of crap, Seth, handed him the chair and he wore me out with it. So I’m gonna take out Randy just by principle. I’m going to clean up the outside of the house first. I’m going to do some yard work and then I’m going to Seth and clean up the house. It’s an ‘in house’ situation"

— Roman Reigns on getting revenge on Seth Rollins during an interview with Crave Online  (via istillbelieveintheshield)

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"I never thought I was a bad person. I just thought I was the one good person living in a world of bad people."

— Dean Ambrose, “Journey to Summerslam with The Shield” (via icouldnotbelucy)

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"When you think there is no method to his madness and there’s nothing but madness to his method."

— Paul Heyman about Dean Ambrose, “Journey to Summerslam with The Shield” (via icouldnotbelucy)

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Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are the two greatest things in WWE right now. You’re crazy if you think otherwise.